Happy Summer!

Remember not to burn your buns!

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Where's Piper's sexy treats and tasty morsels??

and delicious close-ups?

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Sexy Summer Sangria!

Hello friends! I’m back with a Sexy Sangria recipe! Look out beach-goers (and surfers, and metal-detectors…)! I’m lathering up with my SPF 60 and getting ready for an endless summer of Love! With you!! Let’s catch some fun in the son! Oops, I mean baby! Oh wait, I mean…please call me. I have this large pitcher of ‘Ria with your name carved in tiny scroll on ever piece of delicious fruit. Since I don’t know your actual name yet, it mostly says “husband” and “father of future children” and “eternal companion” for now. Once I meet you and marry you forever, then I’ll be able to carve your real name onto everything! Yay!

Hugs and Zinc Kisses!


Sexy Summer Sangria!

1 Bottle dry red wine
1 cup Lemon/lime soda
½ cup orange juice
Juice from half lemon and half lime
¼ to ½ cup French Cognac-based Orange Liqueur (I like Grand Marnier)
Slices of orange, lime, lemon, apple, pears or any other fruit
combine all ingredients into a pitcher, stir, add fruit slices and
refrigerate for 2 hours to overnight. Serve over ice.


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